Saturday, May 28, 2016

Homage to the Humble Bumble-Bee

With all the buzz in our global media about the near and present dangers facing the ubiquitous bumblebee, I thought it was a fitting tribute to portray one of these magnificent creatures in a work of art. Fittingly, my Facebook feed popped up a painting this morning from 2012 called "Homage to the Humble Bumble-Bee".  Take a look:

"Homage to the Humble Bumble-Bee" painted in 2012.
This painting was posted on my Facebook feed just after I finished it and it created quite a buzz! In fact, the very same day, it was snapped up by a dear old friend in Nova Scotia. I quite like the vivid colors of the flower that are nicely offset by the soft focus, imaginary background. But the star of the image is the humble bumble-bee, one of my favorite of Mother Nature's creations.

About the Artist/Author:

Posing with Daniel Bushman of the Watrous/Manitou Newspaper with my book and banner "Dancing with Rejection"