Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Epic New Mural Design

I am just about ready to start painting my next epic mural!

I like it best when a mural client approaches me, not vice-versa.

Although I can be competitive when the situation demands it, I obviously prefer it when the universe unfolds exclusively in my favor.

That was the case for about my last 4-5 big projects, including the massive mural that I will be painting this summer.

Here is your sneak preview of the design: (obviously the actual mural will be in full-color and hand-painted!)

B&W Mock-up for my next HUGE (12' x 100') mural.

There is still the possibility of some tweaks and changes; however, I think it has pretty much "clicked", at least in my mind.

About the artist:

Please read more at www.mrgaudet.com