Friday, October 14, 2016

All-Inclusive Spa/Painting Retreat Weekend

Please stay tuned in the coming days for the skinny on an "All-Inclusive Spa/13-Step to a Finished Painting Retreat Weekend". In this day and age of rushing from one activity to the next, it might be very refreshing to set aside an entire weekend to pamper yourself at the world-famous "Manitou Springs Mineral Spa".

I checked in with the manager of the Spa and she very graciously sat with me to create a price list for both single and double occupancy, that includes meals and soaks (in the zero-gravity mineral waters that attract hundreds of thousands of people every year!) that will beautifully compliment my offering of the "13 Steps to a Finished Painting" Workshop.

After 3 very successful workshops this summer and fall, I felt it was time to up the ante with an all-inclusive weekend. I really believe that the combination of benefits with the super-relaxing soak/float along with nice meals and the workshop will make for excellent results ( re: the painting) and the participants will be thrilled with the finished piece that they may subsequently hang in their homes with pride and self-satisfaction.

Participants in a recent "13 Steps to a Finished Painting" Workshop with their completed paintings.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to witness the delight of the participants when they see how rewarding the 13-steps technique really is! I have heard time and time again from my "peeps" how delighted and surprised even, they are when they complete a vivid, gorgeous painting in the allotted time. I carefully guide them through all the technical steps...nothing flim-flammy in my process! Actually, I create an atmosphere of total trust. With hands-on step-by-step demonstrations, I thoughtfully carry the group through all of the specific 13 steps so that each and every one of you comes out the other end of the (total of) 8 hours over two days. All that I ask is that everyone follow along with every step, so that you are guaranteed to arrive at a strikingly beautiful, original work of art! 

Lest you need a bit more convincing, Manitou Springs Mineral Spa has been the recipient of multiple awards over the past few years. This workshop will be a REALLY good time!

Now, before I sign off, go ahead and check my website to get a feel for my qualifications as one of Canada's leading "painter of monumental murals". Over the years, I have perfected and streamlined my painting technique...thus I can offer this expedited, accelerated "13-Step" workshop with 100% confidence.

As stated earlier, I will follow this post up with a "W-5" (Who, What, Where, Why, When) poster. Spoiler Alert: The workshop will take place on the weekend of November 12-13, 2016.

Stay tuned...over and out for now.