Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"World's Largest Business Card"

Timeline: July 5th, 2017...

After waiting for  almost five years for the Young Centennial Committee to get their ducks in a row, my patience has been richly rewarded. I was on site to capture stunning images of the massive mural installation.

A scissor lift capable of ascending 40' into the air was pressed into service.
A combination electric and hydraulic lift was brought on-site. The large working platform, in tandem with a tractor with fork-lift, made ideal equipment to lift the heavy panels into their respective positions on the massive frame.

This shot gives a good impression of the scale of the frame.

The scissor lift requires outriggers when extended high up in the air.

In the above picture, you can see the huge ( 16" diameter) steel posts that were deemed necessary to hold the 20' x 80' expanse of painted panels. The structure was engineered to withstand very brisk winds. Also, considering the predominant (prevailing) winds come from the northwest, the infrastructure is oriented to "slice" into the wind, rather than face it like huge sail.

The aforementioned tractor and fork lift can be seen to the left, carrying the next panel.

Now that you have seen some of the (later) highlights of the installation, here is the finished product...for your viewing pleasure:

The finished installation of "forever YOUNG" at Young, SK.

Once the "forever YOUNG" mural was completely installed, I decided to create a quick video, on my phone. I posted the video on Facebook that afternoon and within about 24 hours, 9,700 viewers partook of the great fun.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Getting It Up...The "forever YOUNG" Mural Installation

After patiently waiting for over 5 years for the Young Centennial Mural Committee to get their ducks in a row, I am excited to announce...that the gigantic
(20' high x 80' in length) mural "forever YOUNG" has been installed in the past two days.

We brought in the "big guns" aka equipment to do the job...
 This is a huge project in every way. Not only was the painting a big undertaking, obviously, but also the gigantic frame and now, the installation. As you can see, the mural panels were lifted up 10 feet in the air and then soar an additional 20 feet up on the awaiting frame. The mural is 80 running feet in length!

My methodology is to paint a series of 4' x 8' panels...of an exterior-grade material with professional-quality artists' acrylics. This is all considerably costly, but it ensures incredible longevity. 
The men on the scissor lift reinforce the massive scale of the mural. As you can see, they are a bit "dwarfed" by the panels.

Just about ready to lift another panel into position!
Altogether there are 50 (4'x8') panels that need to be lifted up and positioned on the massive frame. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts here, literally. All of the men needed to be available at one the middle of a very busy farming season! the equipment needed to be lined up, all to correspond with perfect weather. This is not a job that could be undertaken in high winds and certainly not rain. Luckily and happily, all of these favorable incidents lined up for this ambitious project to come to fruition!

Stay posted, I will continue to chronicle this project in this space over the coming weeks.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Epic New Mural Design

I am just about ready to start painting my next epic mural!

I like it best when a mural client approaches me, not vice-versa.

Although I can be competitive when the situation demands it, I obviously prefer it when the universe unfolds exclusively in my favor.

That was the case for about my last 4-5 big projects, including the massive mural that I will be painting this summer.

Here is your sneak preview of the design: (obviously the actual mural will be in full-color and hand-painted!)

B&W Mock-up for my next HUGE (12' x 100') mural.

There is still the possibility of some tweaks and changes; however, I think it has pretty much "clicked", at least in my mind.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Huge Mural to be Mounted in Young, SK. Summer of '17.

After waiting for about 4 years, it would appear that the Village of Young is ready to mount my giant ( 20' x 80' qualifies as giant wouldn't you agree?) mural this summer of 2017.

I met with a couple of committee members last night and they were making encouraging noises. When I was driving by this morning on my way to dialysis in Saskatoon,

I decided to pull over and make this quick video to show you how really massive the frame is. It allows for the mural itself to be mounted 10 feet off the ground.

View of the partial mural while being painted at the Young Arena. The mural is 20' by 80', so with a 17' high ceiling, I had to  paint it in 2 sections. Do the math.
I was careful to carefully document the "Work-in-Progress" of the "forever YOUNG" mural, as it was the largest mural to date that I ever created.


What a lot of painting! With something this HUGE, there is going to be a LOT of heavy physical work. So. I paused during a typically busy day to take a selfie with the mural as a backdrop.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all my fellow humans and all the living creatures of this beautiful planet!

My Gift to all my fellow humans on Earth Day...
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chronic Disease and Creativity

Creativity is what saves me as a person who lives with chronic disease. When I say "creativity", I mean painting and writing. When I was initially diagnosed in 1979, at the tender age of 19, with  End Stage Renal Failure, it changed my creative path forever. Suddenly, I was painfully aware of my mortality. Indeed, this spelled a harrowing "Near Death Experience".

As soon as I was feeling marginally better, thanks to the powerful "dialysis" therapy that I was soon to undergo, I decided that I must paint a mural called "Recovery". This was my "visual prayer" for my own recuperation from the insidious disease that I was battling at the time.

The seminal mural "Recovery" was a "visual prayer".
Fast forward to 2017... by this time I have designed and painted over 60 large murals in a swath across Canada. But I am getting ahead of myself! Only 7 months after I started on dialysis, my loving brother Steven stepped up to donate a kidney to me. This miraculous Gift of Life saved and sustained me for over 34 years!

In mid-May of 2014, my kidney function had once again deteriorated, which meant, I was forced to return to thrice weekly dialysis treatments. Over the years, I had been working methodically on hand-written notes... the story of my life and the fascinating people I have met over time. I thought, if I fail to write down these stories, they will be lost forever.

My first act upon returning to dialysis (4 hours per session, so 12 hours every week) was to run out to purchase a laptop. I would make the most of a shitty situation! Within about a year, I had published my first book, called "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality". Follow this link to acquire your copy will be joining a worldwide community of hundreds of readers.

Now, I am combining my writing and painting to live a full, rich life... and in fact I am just about ready to publish my second book, called "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved".

Cover art for my 2nd book...

On top of this, I have just been commissioned to paint another "monumental" mural in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This is early days and I have not yet started the design...however as soon as I fire it up, I will be sharing the process. Please stay tuned, I am not going anywhere! 

This wall is the site of my next mural. Might not look like much now, but just wait!

Chronic disease and creativity might seem at first blush to be unlikely bed partners, but let me tell you... they feed off of each other. There's nothing like the specter of ones own mortality to light a fire in the heart and soul. Put simply, realizing the precarious nature of life and death on a weekly basis is a helluva powerful way to stimulate a driving creativity!

Till next time,

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don't be a Hero, Papa !

In April 2014, my daughter Ilara told me in plaintive tones, "Don't be a hero, Papa. Forget about 'setting a World's Record'  for longest kidney transplant! Just get started with dialysis soon, before you have a stroke or worse with all the toxins in your blood! I don't want to lose you! Promise me you will not wait much longer. Promise!"

A Work-in-Progress... my beautiful daughter Ilara comes to life on my easel.

This heart-felt appeal, voiced with such urgency and poignancy... was a big part in my decision to agree with my doctor's equally urgent admonition.

Of course my wife Sharon had a lot to say about it... really, we KNEW the time was near, so we undertook to travel between Saskatchewan and my home province of Nova Scotia. It is 4287 kilometers each way, and we drove the distance TWICE each way in 2012 and 2013! In rough figures, that was 17,148 kms of driving all told.

Of course I DID return to thrice-weekly dialysis treatments, or else I would be long-gone.

Dialysis: Do or DIE!

There is a saying, "Dialysis: Do or Die!"

It is with all of this and more in mind as I proceed through each day... and week, and month.

I have no time or desire for a 'pity party". At all.

I will keep on writing and painting, loving and caring about the heaped-on blessings of LIFE and a LIFE WELL-LIVED.

It is a with a deep well of GRATITUDE for my energy levels that allow me to stay HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE.

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