Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Huge Mural to be Mounted in Young, SK. Summer of '17.

After waiting for about 4 years, it would appear that the Village of Young is ready to mount my giant ( 20' x 80' qualifies as giant wouldn't you agree?) mural this summer of 2017.

I met with a couple of committee members last night and they were making encouraging noises. When I was driving by this morning on my way to dialysis in Saskatoon,

I decided to pull over and make this quick video to show you how really massive the frame is. It allows for the mural itself to be mounted 10 feet off the ground.

View of the partial mural while being painted at the Young Arena. The mural is 20' by 80', so with a 17' high ceiling, I had to  paint it in 2 sections. Do the math.
I was careful to carefully document the "Work-in-Progress" of the "forever YOUNG" mural, as it was the largest mural to date that I ever created.


What a lot of painting! With something this HUGE, there is going to be a LOT of heavy physical work. So. I paused during a typically busy day to take a selfie with the mural as a backdrop.

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