Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weird Skies over Manitou Beach

Just before sunset yesterday a good friend phoned to ask "Have you looked at the sky? They're EVERYWHERE!"  She was referring to an unusually dense criss-crossing of vapor trails that formed a network covering the entire dome of airspace over Manitou Beach here in Western Canada. This ain't exactly Toronto, folks! Sure, we get our fair share of air traffic overhead, but I must admit yesterday was just a wee bit un-nerving, if you put any stock whatsoever in the incessant chatter we all hear about so-called 'Chem-Trails'.

Just take a look at these untouched photos, all taken within a space of about fifteen minutes.

I wonder why it is that certain vapor trails seem to just hang in the sky for so long, while others do not add up to much...they just dissipate as they are belched out of the exhaust of aircraft.  Is this something we should be concerned about? Has anybody unattached to the military and government ever sampled these trails? Where are all the wild speculations about so-called 'Chem-Trails' coming from? Have you seen these things over YOUR head?

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