Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Red G's to REALLY Red G's

One big advantage of being a 'master of several trades' is that I am assigned to the sign-painting department aka developing the visual continuity of our logo and color theme. The word 'advantage' is used in this instance because it would cost a small fortune if we had to job all of this out. PLUS, it is a sheer pleasure to focus creative juices on our own baby, Gibson-Gaudet's Gallery & Gifts...affectionately known as 'G-G's Gallery & Gifts'. 

The very first coat of red over the yellow base.
 Don't ask me why, but I decided to chronicle the evolution of the red 'G' from its first coat of red against a bright yellow backdrop. Yellow is a comfortable, homey color...even friendly, while red is outgoing and looking for a gr8 time.

Increasing the intensity with another coat. 
I figured, if I don't photograph this process as I go, it will be a process that is lost forever. Literally, as each successive layer gets buried as they build up. Just for the heck of it, I ran for my camera after the first coat and kept it handy to see the red 'G's'  through to completion.

Introducing highlights to suggest a beveled edge.
I like the idea of mimicking a three-dimensional, really shiny surface like poured resin, or carved ruby...polished to a bright sheen. This dresses up the 'G's to make them outstanding in contrast with the other flat rendered text and plain - but friendly- yellow backdrop.

The beveled effect is enhanced with the addition of shadowy bits.
Once the shadows are introduced-with consideration to a constant light source- the 3-dimensional, extra-shiny look kicks in.

Finally, after painting in the sunshine the effect of a raised, liquidey bright, clear ruby red is suggested.
A fairly delicate blending of translucent glazes finishes the 'G's of the G-G's logo to an eye-catching polish. 

In every instance, there is a concerted effort to accentuate the three-dimensional effect of the signature 'G-G's' as seen on the large sign just south of Manitou Beach on highway #365.
This rendering appears consistently throughout the graphic application of the logo...there's that graphic continuity thing again.

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