Monday, March 18, 2013

"Art of Acrylic Glazing" online course goes LIVE!

Hi all! 

I am excited to announce that after climbing one of the steeper learning curves in recent years I have succeeded in creating my first online Art Instruction Course.
It's called "The Art Of Acrylic Glazing".

Just before Christmas 2012 I received an email from recruiting me to create the course.

I was impressed by the very fact that they have people on staff who are trawling around the net seeking out potential candidates that they 'like' as a 'world expert'. 

I went ahead and started nibbling on the elephant, one bite at a time and now, after about 10 weeks of slogging through all the Curriculum requirements, it's happening!

Want to learn how to paint like the masters? This art course shows how!

 It was a real pleasure to work with the amazing staff at Udemy, who shepherded me through the whole process from the word GO!

Although I have painted hundreds and hundreds of canvasses, not to mention many many large murals in my day, it was an extra challenge to create this course. EVERY step of the way -12 in all- were carefully documented by HD video and then each of the videos were transcribed as lecture notes to clarify and emphasize the lessons. 

The 12 videos take you ALL THE WAY from a blank canvas through to a finished piece.
The course is set up and designed so that you -the painting 'apprentice'- can follow along at your own pace. You can go back and repeat view any or all of the material as often as you wish. The lecture notes are also printable so that you basically have a full-blown textbook to go along with the video demonstrations!

I'll be writing more as this thing develops...can't you tell I'm kinda excited about it?

In my happy place.

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