Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saskatchewan Government Awards Mural Contract

About three months ago I got the head's up from a good friend that Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union (SGEU) was in the market for a mural-painter and they were launching a competition to find the best fit in the province.

I have entered quite a few of this type of thing and have always received a polite but curt rejection letter, despite my best, most sincere efforts. "Oh what the hell," I thought. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." 

So I wrote a very brief description of what I might do and included a  link to my mural-painting portfolio. If I remember correctly, I dashed off maybe three courteous sentences, that's about it. I wasn't going to go on and on, trying to convince the panel what an amazing painter I am and that I was their go-to guy for murals. I figured I would let my work speak for itself.

Apparently this rather modest approach was the right way to go, because lo and behold...last week I opened up my inbox to read, in part, "I have some great news for you! After reviewing over 25 serious samples, our panel has chosen you to create both of our murals that will be used in our billboard ad campaign." It was Kathryn Engel, Communications Officer for SGEU writing!

I was summoned to appear for the first design conference at their Regina headquarters yesterday. Things are progressing very rapidly, as they wish to launch the campaign this June and also, have my original paintings permanently installed in their shiny new building, that they are moving into at about the same time. The plan is for me to paint a scale version of my design that will then be photographed and blown up to full-scale for the (gigantic) billboards that will be erected at two prominent outdoor sites along the highway.

Kathryn Engel and I seal the deal with a handshake.

I met with Kathryn as planned and she told me that all the panels members had gravitated towards my painting style during the course of the competition. She was very gracious and enthusiastic during our meeting. Just before I left her office, I requested that we pose for an official photo, in front of an SGEU logo. She readily agreed and asked an assistant to make it happen. She was pressed for time...had a speech to write for the SGEU president, so I was grateful that she took the extra few minutes to do this.

Dear reader, these two murals will materialize from scratch very rapidly over the next couple of months, so please stay tuned to this space. It will be a fast and furious painting adventure, that will blossom before your eyes.


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    1. Thank you, Lao! I guess it will be a very busy spring, on top of everything else.

  2. This is fantastic Michael!!! Very Happy for you!!! Congratulations! I Google +, and gave you a Big Tweet on the Twitter and the Face book!

    1. Wow, aren't you a multi-platform kinda gal, Cat. I'm still on cloud 9 over this was a bit of a shock, but in a good way. :)

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    3. Very exciting indeed!!!

      Yup, multi-plat-a-cat! Kinda like a platapus but different ya know. Hah hee hah ha!

    4. Thanks for the visual, Cat. :)