Friday, July 7, 2017

Getting It Up...The "forever YOUNG" Mural Installation

After patiently waiting for over 5 years for the Young Centennial Mural Committee to get their ducks in a row, I am excited to announce...that the gigantic
(20' high x 80' in length) mural "forever YOUNG" has been installed in the past two days.

We brought in the "big guns" aka equipment to do the job...
 This is a huge project in every way. Not only was the painting a big undertaking, obviously, but also the gigantic frame and now, the installation. As you can see, the mural panels were lifted up 10 feet in the air and then soar an additional 20 feet up on the awaiting frame. The mural is 80 running feet in length!

My methodology is to paint a series of 4' x 8' panels...of an exterior-grade material with professional-quality artists' acrylics. This is all considerably costly, but it ensures incredible longevity. 
The men on the scissor lift reinforce the massive scale of the mural. As you can see, they are a bit "dwarfed" by the panels.

Just about ready to lift another panel into position!
Altogether there are 50 (4'x8') panels that need to be lifted up and positioned on the massive frame. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts here, literally. All of the men needed to be available at one the middle of a very busy farming season! the equipment needed to be lined up, all to correspond with perfect weather. This is not a job that could be undertaken in high winds and certainly not rain. Luckily and happily, all of these favorable incidents lined up for this ambitious project to come to fruition!

Stay posted, I will continue to chronicle this project in this space over the coming weeks.

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