Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fine Art America: An Experiment

About a month ago I signed up as a member of Fine Arts America.
It is touted as "The World's Most Powerful Artists' Website"
I have started two separate galleries on my site called 'Characters from a Life' . This collection features figurative works from the past several years. 

Probably my all-time favorite painting , 'Montreal Jazz Festival'  is a painting  based on site sketches, photographs and memory.

 'Plein Air Paintings', a gallery consisting of very recent work that was created 'out of doors' in fully natural light. 'Plein Air' is quite different from studio painting in that there is a visceral response of the palette to the natural colors and forms of nature.

'High Flowers' pictures some kinda strange-looking, almost alien flowers I stumbled across on one of my daily hikes up and around the hills overlooking Little Manitou Lake. I thought the brilliant fuschia red contrasted so nicely with the surrounding greens that it would make a good painting.  The weird shapes of these things also piqued my interest.

And then there's this nifty feature that I discovered in the back room at FAA...a slide show that links straight to my ArtistWebsite.
Which is kinda cool in a nerdin'  way.

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  1. Your work is so thoughtful, Michael, observant of all that interests you in your surroundings, full of life and colour. I love, too, your use of paint, your brushmarks, use of glazes.

    1. Thank you +Chana Helen. I too admire your sensitive paintings. Thank you for dropping in to see my Art Blog. Do you have a blog or any other website that I can visit to compliment what you are posting? A blog dedicated to one's art is a very useful thing, as it is a good opportunity not only to chronicle one's artwork but also to hone one's communication skills. A good exercise and yet another way to connect with fellow artists such as yourself and art lovers around the world.