Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ping that thing...

Over the past few weeks I have been noticing Graham Matthews in more of the cyber-spaces that I frequent. He runs a high-end Art Blog called ArtProMotivate I noticed in one of their recent posts an offer to be interviewed via an online questionaire. Theoretically, this 'interview' could then lead to an "Artist Spotlight" on the well-trod (read: madly successful) website. 

 Well, whaddya know, I submitted reasonably articulate responses to the dozen or so questions there which prompted the administrator to slot it in on a moment's notice. 

Amazingly, the thing is already live. I guess the reason I think it's cool is that ArtProMotivate has a healthy following and there is always the hope that some of those people will click through to dig in. 

I would 'like' that. 

Curious? That 'like' link zings you to the G-G's Gallery & Gifts FB fan page. 

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