Saturday, March 31, 2012

NYC here I come...

It's time. To break. Out.

I have just entered a New York City-based  Art Competition called ARTISTS WANTED.

This is an online affair with profound material world implications for a denizen of very lucky artists.

As with so much these days, this competition is 'vote-based' and crowd sourced...hence my post today to promote my entry.

Here's the skinny...all I am asking is that you take a second out of your busy weekend (or whenever this post reaches your eyeballs) to click through to my ARTISTS WANTED profile to tap the 'COLLECT ME' tab. It would be awesome if you would also select the 'SHARE' tab to boot.

What the hey, let's make it happen.

Show me some click-love!



  1. Thanks Kyla. That is so appreciated! I am working my way up to that magic 77 votes!