Friday, April 13, 2012

TV Interview with Wes Funk

It was a good time and very interesting to make an appearance on the Shaw Cable TV show 'Lit Happens', hosted by well-known novelist Wes Funk. As the name 'Lit Happens' implies, this is a show dedicated to highlighting the literary talent of Saskatchewan and has included interviews with many best-selling authors since its inception. 

So it was a thrill when Wes invited me to go on the show as a 'blogger'.  I was pleased that the producer spliced in several images of my art, commissions and our 'G-G's Gallery and Gifts' business. 

It was overall a great opportunity to share my art and art philosophy with the viewers. Without any further ado, here is the show. Sit back and enjoy the was a lot of fun!


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    1. Sorry Cat, I accidentally deleted your comment.

  2. Thank you my friend! It really was lots of fun to do this and I am happy to share. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I bet you and almost any other artist could replicate this idea with your local cable or other TV network. It works out great when you get your mitts on the url (if the producer is tech-savvy enough to post the video on YouTube etc.) because it is just so fast and easy to get it out to your contacts. The most important thing is to make sure, if you go ahead with something like this, that you pre-send photos of your work. That way the video ends up being a nice promo package. Much more compelling than a self-made thing, IMHO.