Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colorized Mock-Up for 'forever Young' mural

I spent the last few days slaving over a hot mouse to create a more or less full-color mock-up of the 'forever Young' mural in preparation for the next design conference...which is tonight.

This is as important for me to see as it is no doubt for the committee. 

I worked out, for the first time, the overall color scheme and composition of the entire design from stem to stern. There is quite a bit going on with this 'montage-style' mural, as I found out in no uncertain terms while galavanting about in the design process. I say 'IN  the design process' because I felt totally submerged in it for the past week. 

Here is what the whole design looks like in with added color:

The 'forever Young' mural will measure a total of 84 running feet in length by about 20 feet in height. 
Because it is difficult for you to see all of the detail (and there's LOTS!) with the picture so tiny on the monitor, I am also going to post three close-up shots of the colorized design:

Please note: the 'skyline' of this mural will be actually cut-out so the entire section of 'sky-blue' that I have shown in this design is  intended to represent the actual sky which will be visible above the mural 'in situ'. 

This added dimension will dramatically accentuate the three-dimensional effect of the figures on the horizon of the mural like a basic straight line could never do. I have gained a lot of experience from previous projects of this ilk so I know how much punch and pop this concept of a cut-out horizon delivers. It's tons more work but the outstanding results will make it all worthwhile. 

One of my favorite chunks torn out of the mock-up.

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