Friday, August 3, 2012

Just when I thought it was safe to give my brushes a rest...

Since there is 'no rest for the wicked' I must be evil incarnate, I think to myself as I contemplate yet another six-hundred and eighty square feet of mural-painting yet to be started and finished in order to wrap up the 'forever YOUNG' mural project. Oh well, I pretty much knew from the outset that this was going to be challenging, both physically and mentally. But there really is nothing better than a daily challenge to keep a person sharp and on his toes, so to speak.

I saw a poster on Facebook this morning that said something like "If it's true that what don't kill you only makes you stronger, then I should be bench pressing a Buick!" . How appropriate! I like that.

The panel that was formerly on the bottom right is now mounted on the upper right in preparation for the final long jog to the finish line.

Sherwin lifted each of the top panels up to me on the scaffold where we then wrestled each one onto the 'lip' of the previously installed row.

Making our way down the length of the eighty-foot wall of primed panels with the top row carefully registered to each seam for a hairline fit between panels.

Sherwin decided it would be easiest for him to carry each of the sheets to me up on the scaffold. It was my job to re-position the scaffold for each sheet and then climb up to receive each of the ten panels as he hoisted them up to the six-foot level of staging. Sherwin is a big, strong man so everything went quite smoothly. And I ain't exactly a ninety-pound weakling myself, though I must admit after some of the heavier days on this job some of my muscles are singing a tune...

Sherwin screwing in the final pin to hold the panels in their position for registration of the design to flow downward and across the final 8' x 80' section of the 'forever YOUNG' mural.

What I am facing come Monday morning...another six-hundred and forty square feet of utterly blank wall yet to draft and paint. Just when I thought it was safe to give my brushes a rest. I guess not quite yet it would appear!

A distant shot of my summer studio from the far side of the rink shows the first set of twenty panels in the corner on the right along with the freshly primed panels awaiting mural-painting on the left.

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