Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready for RED! (But not till next post)

Just about finished the orange glaze...only a few more vacancies to fill with the breaking detail.

A distant shot shows the organic growth of the orange glaze across the wall. I love my magic mural-painting brushes that do all the work. I just hang on for the ride as the brushes do their thing.

For this photo, I climbed up to the top of a ten-foot ladder. I figured that would give us a more square-on impression of the work-in-progress. From the side that is.

I backed way up about fifty feet for this shot. You can see now that the orange glaze pretty much uniformly inhabits the golden flesh-colored field. There is a nice interplay between the positive (orange) and negative ( golden) space. Or is that the reverse?

The cluster of images that finally anchor the extreme lower right-hand side of the design have been carefully balanced and counter-balanced to act as a landing spot for the eyes after they have perused the entirety of the composition.

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