Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Dancing with Rejection" on "Lit Happens" TV

Best-selling author Wes Funk requested an interview with me to help launch "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality". I was happy to comply.

Best-selling author Wes Funk made me feel relaxed and at ease during our TV interview.
"Lit Happens" is a literary showcase of up and coming, as well as the old guard, of the Saskatchewan writing community. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the story-line of Book 1 of the Trilogy for the historic record on this show. I can only imagine how much more succinct I will become as we drill deeper into the project.

"Lit Happens" host and literary darling Wes Funk puts his guest at ease.

Wasn't that a particularly interesting ten minutes? As usual, Canadian literary darling Wes Funk was the best host you could hope for. He was gracious and friendly, but also willing to ask the salient questions to keep the interview flowing. It flowed along seamlessly, just like his writing style.

Last year, Wes commissioned me to paint an over-size portrait of him. I guess this is another bid for "immortality", if you get what I mean. Thinking, this is a primal human urge, to leave some kind of mark or testament on this planet. It is a desire to be remembered.
We conferred and decided YES, I would make a special presentation on air!
 Wes asked me to bring the portrait to him at the time of our interview. I agreed, and after a brief huddle, Wes, his producer Dean and I decided to make the presentation live on air. It was a very full eight minutes!

Word on the street is, the interview will be aired sometime in early December 2014. Stay tuned for that, coming to this space.

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