Friday, November 14, 2014

Near-Death Experience. Now what?

Seeing as how the imminent release of Book 1 of my memoir “Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality” (the Trilogy) is coming up in the next couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to offer a synopsis. The book consists of several intertwining themes.
These include, but are not limited to: 

1) the last year or so of my father Robert's short life, who died of kidney failure on November 22nd, 1963, at the age of 31, 
2) Robert's vivid presence in my life as a (not always) benign spirit
3) my life-long fascination with the mystical power of the number three 
4) the early realization of my fate as an artist...whether I liked it or not, 
5) the sometimes turbulent, messy love life that ruined many sleepless nights, 
6) the kidney disease that very nearly cut my life short at the age of nineteen, 
7) my ongoing quest to make the best of a precarious health picture, 
8) the heroic “Gift of Life” that changed everything, 
9) my response to a “Near-Death Experience”, which was to carve out a career as a monumental mural painter.

After my NDE, I decided instinctively that I wasn't prepared or willing to settle for a non-eventful, conventional life. I determined that if nothing else, I would set out to do my level best to somehow “leave my mark” on the world in this temporal, mortal life. I believe this is a primal, human need. The need not to be forgotten, as if you never set foot on this planet.

Come join the pre-launch...and later the for Book 1 of the Trilogy at the 
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See you there. 

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