Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sample Excerpt of "Dancing with Rejection"

After chatting this morning with my editor, I am reassured that the publication date of "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality" is drawing near. Many of my writer friends have cautioned me "not to rush" going to press. Thinking of their council, I am taking a deep breath as work continues to refine and polish the manuscript, as we speak.

Now, I've decided to start posting sample excerpts as a "teaser" that will also serve to count down the days remaining until we witness the completed, edited, formatted version go to press.

Please enjoy at your own risk. Cautionary note: this book is written with unflinching honesty and frankness. I have not held back any punches.


I was one of the few who managed to deflect the powerful 

influences that would sway me away from my artistic life while 
growing up. There were several times as a youngster that 
people close to me made very calculated efforts to dissuade 
me from my idealistic ambition to become an artist. The 
phrase “to become an artist” is not precisely accurate in my 
case. Strange as it may sound, I was already an artist when I 
was born. I was really left with no other option than to carry 
on with my work, as only time and experience would permit. 

Looking down at my infant hands, I felt a pang of anxiety, 
relieved only by a feeling of being suspended on a silvery 
filament, as a softly glowing pearl in a shining spiral of likewise 
glowing pearls, whirling out in all directions. I was two and a 
half years old when this sustained investigation of my palms 
began. Holding my hands palm up, elbows crooked, I
experienced a peculiar phenomenon...

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