Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DISQUALIFIED from Sask Book Awards

"The Art of Michael R. Gaudet has generated 54.882 views to date..."

How ironic! The Saskatchewan Book Awards has REJECTED my application for the 2016 "First Book Award". For my part, I innocently decided to pay my hard-earned money for a revision round with my publisher, which sadly resulted in a long, agonizing delay in getting the shiny new version in my hands...thanks to a screw-up from my publisher. This unprofessional mess resulted in my

So, I must console myself that "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality" relies on the fact that it is enjoying grassroots support and success with hundreds and hundreds of copies being purchased and read by you. On that note, THANK YOU for all of your continued support. It is EXTREMELY gratifying that you appreciate all of the energy, passion and love that I have poured into this writing project. 

As a Dialysis Warrior...it's going on 32 months with absolutely no end in sight!...it is vitally important to me that I MUST carry on with my writing. God only knows if I will survive long enough to publish book 2 and book 3 of the trilogy. There are NO guarantees whatsoever that I will ever be the recipient of a 2nd "Gift of Life", as you know very well. This is my appeal to go over the heads of the Saskatchewan Book Awards, who in their wisdom have disqualified "Dancing with Rejection" from an award. Please help prove them wrong with your continued support. 

This is a rallying call for all of my friends and supporters to rise above this temporary setback...please visit www.mrgaudet.com where you will find all 3 formats of "Dancing..." available, including of course the EBook version. I would certainly appreciate if you SHARE this with your friends...together we can continue with the groundswell of good will and support for my Passion Project. When you visit my website, you will see some very high power endorsements from several amazing supporters. ((Mind Blown!!)) Can you help out...you will NOT be disappointed. This book is like a "life support system" for me, and my most valiant and authentic effort to earn my "mark" on the world while I still have the energy...albeit flagging as dialysis drags interminably on and on...to carry on.

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Dialysis: A case of "Do Or Die"...for the indefinite future...

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