Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kickstarter Campaign to Usher in Book 2

Hello friends and allies...I am excited to announce the creation of the Kickstarter Campaign to usher in the imminent arrival of Book 2 of the trilogy...called "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother saved".

Here is the cover art:

Cover Art for Book 2 of the trilogy!

Please click through to this link to visit the Kickstarter Campaign. And also, if the spirit moves you...please SHARE the link with your friends. Writing is my PASSION PROJECT...please help support this with your contribution. Thank You!

Also...truth be known, we are JUST getting started with my 1st book "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality"...with several hundred copies sold worldwide. Here is the cover art for "Dancing...":

Holding "Dancing with Rejection" in front of the official banner.
Please visit , where you will find all 3 formats (Hard-cover, Paper-back and EBook) available.

This is do or die for me as a Dialysis Warrior of 32 months with no end in sight. Stay well...

And remember...please SHARE this link: 

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