Monday, December 19, 2016

Kickstarter Campaign a SUCCESS at 121% w 66 Hours remaining!

On the theme of GRATITUDE...

On the theme of "gratitude", I would be remiss not to mention my gorgeous bride and soul-mate, Sharon. Here we are on our wedding day with my mom and step-father.
My heart and spirit are brimming over with gratitude this evening as I ponder the excellent fact:the Kickstarter Campaign that I created to usher in the launch of Book 2 of my writing trilogy is a SUCCESS at 121% w 66 Hours remaining!

My beautiful mom and I on my wedding day.

Called: "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved", book 2 has now officially generated advance sales of 100 copies. It just goes to show you, with an authentic heart and proven track record of success, there is nothing you cannot accomplish if you set your heart on it, and work your butt off.

One of the things that I persisted in doing over the brief flare of the campaign was to post regular "updates" that were made available to all of my generous contributors, as well as anyone else in my social media networks who cared to dive in.

Now, in the final hours of the campaign, I am happy to post one of the final updates.

It is a tribute to my loving, generous and highly intelligent mother.

Please click here for the tribute. I love you Mom!

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