Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sprinting to the Finish Line w Kickstarter

Dear Readers,

After the successful launch of the 1st book of my trilogy (please visit my website for much more on this) I am now working hard to publish the 2nd book...called "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved".

My goal with this is to sell 100 copies in advance, to establish a built-in fan base when it comes out in the spring of 2017. Just to let you know, the book is completely finished and now, I am going through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb to weed out any small typos and to polish it up for its imminent publication.

My appeal to you is to visit my Kickstarter Campaign ( Here is the link to the Campaign) that I have created to usher in the launch. At this moment, I have reached 63% of my target goal of $5000.00, with 11 days to go!

To communicate the meaning of the Campaign, I created a video for you all to watch:

This video (above) is short and sweet...less than three and a half minutes.

Now, there are a few details of the Campaign that I would like to share, though when you visit you will see much more. 

Every Canadian contributor of CA$50.00 or more will receive not only a hand-signed copy of the book in the mail, but also YOUR NAME will be printed with GRATITUDE under the "ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS" section in the front of the book. You will see your NAME in PRINT when you receive your copy!

Spoiler Alert: I have opted to use a very powerful photo of this artist at the height of his career, working on the finishing touches of the truly monumental mural that this bog is dedicated to: The March of Trinity at Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Should you question the voracity of this statement, I would invite you take a sneak peek at the cover design...of Book 2 of the trilogy:

Cover Art for Book 2 of the trilogy, "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved".
In case you have not the 1st book of the trilogy called "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality", I would like to offer you a FREE SAMPLE of the 1st 90 pages! Click on this will whisk you away to the free sample of the 1st 90 pages...that will take you right into the thick of the story.

Sometimes life and career does a complete 360 degree turn, or in other words, comes around full-circle! That is indeed, what happened in the case of my beloved, charmed "Trinity" design. What do I mean by this statement, you ask? Well, in 1981...a full THREE DECADES before the creation of "March of Trinity" at Sacred Heart, I was commissioned at the age of 23 to design and paint a mural that I a precognitive moment..."Trinity 1981". I would like to show you  pictures of this early, seminal mural:

Working on the early phases of "Trinity 1981" at age 23.

I was truly blessed at the age of 23 to be the recipient of a "vision" that resulted in the commission to design and paint the mural :"Trinity 1981". I go into lucid detail in Book 1 of the trilogy...the thought process and all of the machinations behind this pivotal work of art. This commission launched my career as a painter of monumental murals, and 30 years later, was pivotal in my bid to paint the most monumental mural of all: The March of Trinity.

My beautiful mother Shirley Gaudet stood with the late Archbishop James Hayes and I after the official unveiling of "Trinity 1981" at St. Mary's Basilica.

After the completion of "Trinity 1981", there was an official unveiling attended by not only the late Archbishop James Hayes, but also many family and friends, including my beautiful, loving mother, Shirley Gaudet.

The finished mural "Trinity 1981".
Readers of "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality" will understand the significance of the timing and importance of this mural in forging ahead with my career as a painter of monumental murals. Also, they will appreciate the artistic reasoning that fueled the project.

I created a triangular version of the "Trinity" mural that was widely circulated. I sent a copy to the Vatican that, incredibly for a young artist, elicited an official response on the Vatican stationary.
Now, in that "twist of fate" that I referred to earlier, I would like to show you the mural that I was commissioned to paint 30 years later. It is the "March of Trinity" at Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church. The reason I take such pains to point this is out is a similar fashion that "Trinity 1981" was described in Book 1 of the trilogy, "March of Trinity"...which is on a much more monumental scale but was in fact preceded conceptually by the mural at St. Mary's Basilica... a deeper and more informed description in a literary setting unfolds in Book 2.  

The finished "March of Trinity" mural at Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church in Saskatoon.
Please take a minute now to visit the Kickstarter Campaign that I described earlier. The widget below will take you directly to the Campaign. I will reward you with my deepest gratitude and as described at the top of this post, your NAME will APPEAR in PRINT as a sign of my gratitude along with, of course, a signed copy of Book 2 delivered to your mailbox in the spring of 2017, about 6 months from now. Finally, it would mean the world to me if you would deign to SHARE this with your friends and colleagues. THANKING you in advance, TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS.

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