Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Seriously, Over 50% There!

Well, I am seriously delighted to over 50% home-free with the Kickstarter Campaign that I created to usher in Book 2 of the trilogy, I believe that I will succeed with raising my target goal!

Cover Art for Book 2 of the Trilogy
With 15 days to go, I am cautiously optimistic that this campaign will be totally successful! This can only happen with YOUR help though, so please take a look to see what all the excitement is about. Kickstarter has provided me with option of generating a live widget for you to visit the site. I think that is a lot more interesting than just a link, don't you? OK, stand by and I will generate it...

There it is...above. When you click on the widget, you will be transported directly to the campaign. How cool is that? Just remember, there are many rewards coming to you when you contribute, as you will see!

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