Wednesday, March 8, 2017

'65 GMC Truck Painting

One of the "rewards" that I offered in my recent "Kickstarter" campaign... created to pre-sell advance, signed copies of my 2nd book (called "A Work in Progress: The Life my Brother Saved") was... for every contribution of $500.00 or more, I would create a painting based on the photo or idea of your choice!

Four individuals opted for this reward during the course of the campaign.

Here is a picture of one, that is finished:

Painting of '65 GMC truck, for a "Kickstarter" campaign reward, in return for a contribution of $500.00 or more.
I wanted to post this to let you all know that indeed, I am busily fulfilling my obligations to the generous contributors to my Kickstarter campaign, even as I carry on with the #1 goal of finishing the manuscript for Book 2... and also, bringing it closer every day to the ultimate goal of publication!

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