Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Don't be a Hero, Papa !

In April 2014, my daughter Ilara told me in plaintive tones, "Don't be a hero, Papa. Forget about 'setting a World's Record'  for longest kidney transplant! Just get started with dialysis soon, before you have a stroke or worse with all the toxins in your blood! I don't want to lose you! Promise me you will not wait much longer. Promise!"

A Work-in-Progress... my beautiful daughter Ilara comes to life on my easel.

This heart-felt appeal, voiced with such urgency and poignancy... was a big part in my decision to agree with my doctor's equally urgent admonition.

Of course my wife Sharon had a lot to say about it... really, we KNEW the time was near, so we undertook to travel between Saskatchewan and my home province of Nova Scotia. It is 4287 kilometers each way, and we drove the distance TWICE each way in 2012 and 2013! In rough figures, that was 17,148 kms of driving all told.

Of course I DID return to thrice-weekly dialysis treatments, or else I would be long-gone.

Dialysis: Do or DIE!

There is a saying, "Dialysis: Do or Die!"

It is with all of this and more in mind as I proceed through each day... and week, and month.

I have no time or desire for a 'pity party". At all.

I will keep on writing and painting, loving and caring about the heaped-on blessings of LIFE and a LIFE WELL-LIVED.

It is a with a deep well of GRATITUDE for my energy levels that allow me to stay HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE.

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