Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Glaze Goes On...Work Continues w 'forever YOUNG' Mural

The computer-generated mock-up of 'about' how the finished mural will appear shows the scale. Note the tiny adult human on the lower right-hand corner. He stands 5 '10".
These captions are short and straight to the point. Once I feel I have a bit more breathing space, I will go into more detail about the thought and process that is invested in a project of this scale. There are other adjunct stories that tie into the project as well...stay tuned.

It's a new day. The scaffold stands ready for mounting with painting in mind.

The scaffold stage is lowered to the six-foot level in readiness for the next eighty-foot pass.

Fast forward about five hours as I make my way across eighty feet of glazing the next six foot wide swath of orange glaze.

You can see forms ( that would be a team of four oxen ) already emerging from out of the golden-hued background tint.

Shot from across the arena in the score-keepers box.

Before I stopped for the day, the scaffold was rolled back in position on the far left-hand side in preparation for the next pass.

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