Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Power to the Purple!

My computer-generated mock-up that demonstrates approximately how the finished mural will  appear.

Transparent Dioxyzine Violet ...when applied over the precedent glazes of orange and red increases the voracity of the shadows and also warms up the overall tone into the golden zone.

I made it almost three-quarters of the way across the wall on my first purple day. Yeah, nowadays I relate a day's work in terms of the color I'm into.

Each successive glaze gets a little faster as I am becoming more familiar with the lay of the land so to speak. Although admittedly there is a lot of ground to cover so the process can only be sped up so much.

The strong portraits that anchor the upper left-hand side of the composition are just starting to come to life now that the purple glaze has been initiated.

This photo clearly shows the Power of Purple. OK, violet. Transparent violet. Can you guess what glaze hue comes next?

A high, distant view shows the steadily emerging forms on the horizon as each glaze tends to more definitely articulate a contrast between light and shadow. Don't forget...there has not been a drop of light-colored glaze added as of yet. All of the light you see at the moment is simply the golden-flesh colored base.

I was happy to make it over to the far right-hand side of the first eighty-foot swath of purple glaze. (Purple Glaze, all in my brain...lately things just don't seem the same...)

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