Saturday, June 2, 2012

Prep work continues with 'forever YOUNG' mega-mural

The computer-generated mock-up of 'about' how the mural will look...

Two Young residents graciously agreed to help Sherwin and I to erect the remainder of the temporary frame that will hold the panels as they are being painted inside the rink.

We erected the first 16' x 16' section ourselves and we nearly bust our guts. It was so much faster and easier with the extra couple sets of hands. Many hands makes light work!

The first phase of designing, building and erecting the frame is completed! 

After a quick coffee break it was time to start with the installation of the first set of 4' x 8' panels.

We built a 'leveling ledge' that received the first row of panels oriented to the horizontal.

Keeping things in can see that the sight line shows a nice set of parallel lines.

Now it's time to build the scaffold in front of the temporary frame in order to install the next row of panels.

The second row of panels is oriented to the vertical format. This is to create a 'brick' or staggered pattern so that there is not a repetition of seams in alignment, though admittedly the seams are merely a hairline crack which will be invisible from a distance.

Good night Ralph. Good night Ralph.

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