Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Speeding up the Prep...Delayed Gratification is Over-Rated.

We were really happy to build the scaffolding and press it into service on plank rails in front of the wall.

Every ambitious community project needs a local champion. Lil Sather is exactly that. Lil has been a vocal proponent of this world-scale project out of small town Saskatchewan for over two years. It was Lil Sather who made the initial contact with me before the Village of Young Centennial in 2010.

Sherwin powered the panels up the wall with a lift assist from me to balance the bottom on the lip of the bottom row, then we would co-ordinate pinning the panel in place with a minimum number of screws.

Sherwin affixing panels at ground level in a systematic manner to maximize results while minimizing handling of the heavy pieces.

Aerial view of the scaffold set up on the left-hand side of the first 3/5ths of surface. What you see is the eighty-foot by sixteen-foot upper portion of the mural per se. There will be an additional eight feet of height beneath for a total of eighty feet by twenty feet.

The Zimboni which was earlier rolled out of its usual storage shop makes a convenient book-end to prop up panels against for easy later access at stage right.

A good afternoon's painting...application of the signature golden flesh-toned primer. Peace out till next time...there WILL be mural-painting soon now that this phase of prep is finished. 

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