Saturday, July 14, 2012

Closing in on Phase 1 (of 'forever YOUNG' mural)

The careful observer will note that there is a lot more detail in the turf surrounding the team of oxen. In fact the detail in this case is exaggerated to accentuate the texture of the virgin prairie and upturned sod created by the plow. There is a micro-detail just emerging directly below the ox on the right which features a little vista showing an early crop of wheat overseen by a pioneer farm couple.

It is very unlikely that this vista will be visible from a great will appear simply as a golden smudge to the casual observer driving by at highway speed.

It will only be appreciated when the driver does a double take, slows down and actually gets out of the vehicle to inspect more closely. The hope is that a percentage of passer-bys will take the time to pull off to take a better look.

Now the gal busy doing her laundry will be more visible as she is 'set off' by the vigorously rendered greenery of the field that surrounds her in the composition.

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