Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Blue Period...Really Really Blue.

I took this pail of 'pthalo blue' glaze out of the rink out into the natural light so you could see the actual hue of blue. This pthalo blue is the next glaze to be painted in the shadowy areas for extra oomph. Watch how the figures etc REALLY start to come into their own with the addition of this glaze. Soon it will be time to start in with the LIGHT colors...natural tones in a white base.

Zooming in to show the slowly building intensity that is created in the shadowy areas with the addition of the pthalo blue glaze on the right-hand sides of the prominent portraits in the upper left-hand corner of the composition.

You can plainly see the difference the pthalo blue glaze makes in the dark shadows on the right-hand side of the large portraits. The lights are coming down the pipeline soon!

A distant shot shows my fairly rapid advance to the right-hand side with the pthalo blue glaze. Every glaze up to this point has been almost transparent. Nothing gets buried. The end result is a warm, glowing, natural-looking technicolor effect because of all the intermingling hues.

I think I mentioned earlier that each glaze gets a bit quicker...mainly because by now the layout and design elements are like well-worn slippers.

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