Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'forever YOUNG' Mural goes Public

It was so gratifying for both myself and the organizers that there was SUCH a good turnout for the first official 'sneak peek' of the mural-in-progress. Not that surprising though, Young is a very strong community, proudly rooted in their pioneer past with an eye to the future while savoring the 'precious present'!

More and more people streamed in as the delicious aromas of barbeque-d burgers wafted through the air...

There was a lot of discussion and story-telling as people reminisced about their fore-fathers -and mothers. It seems that the experience of seeing family connections immortalized in the mural sparks vivid memories for today's residents of Young.

We had to keep bringing more tables and chairs down from the upper deck to accommodate the steady influx of curious visitors for the 'sneak peek' of the mural-in-progress.

Ice-cream played a pivotal role in celebrating the day. Nothing tops off a delicious burger like a couple of scoops of the good stuff!

I was impressed with the excellent attendance, but not very surprised. If I can say one thing about the Village of Young for sure, it is that they have an incredibly strong community spirit!

Mmm, good burgers and pop were enjoyed by all. Hot dogs too and let's not forget the ice cream! I was so happy that people of all ages, from seniors to toddlers and everything in between came out to enjoy the sneak peek celebration. One of the greatest forms of 'job satisfaction' for me is the interaction with people who all relate in one way or another with the mural. So this was a very powerful affirmation of community spirit. Everybody at the event felt, I am sure, a sense of quiet pride and solidarity that there community has marshaled their resources to initiate this ambitious project. Remember, we are talking about a very small, yet tight-knit community here of only about 200 residents. So really, the outpouring of support for this project is quite phenomenal!

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