Thursday, July 19, 2012

Winding Up Phase 1 of 'forever YOUNG' Mural

More detail begins to surround the figures on the right-hand side of the mural, creating vigorous texture in the 'negative space'. It is important that the textures have a certain visual signature, even if it looks very expressionistic, even bordering on abstract.

There are plenty of ambient areas of the mural that will end up looking totally abstract if taken out of context. I enjoy these playful bits and here is just one example of what I mean.

The micro-vista showing an early harvest with wheat stooks is starting to come into focus.

They're not there yet, but coming to life. The first thing viewers will see will likely be the large portraits on the upper left-hand side of the mural, so it is important that they have a palpable presence.

The six-foot high portrait of Mr. Southey -Young's first postmaster- appears to be more of a portrait of the die-hard farmer, determined to marshal his resources successfully for yet another year, despite the challenges of weather, weeds, bugs and all of the other hurdles he must overcome to bring in the crop.

My parting shot of the work-in-progress just before leaving after another productive day's work.

I dropped in just for a brief time this afternoon to touch up Mrs. Southey's portrait. Still not finished, but she will be fine until I get back to her on Monday morning.

The portraits of the Southeys are nearing completion. Just have to let them rest for the weekend then I will attack on Monday morning with fresh eyes.

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