Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dialysis: The Grim Reality

At the dialysis unit on Friday , January 16th, 2015. "Stayin' Alive!" is my mantra and theme song.

The grim reality of hemodialysis...which is a fact of life for over 3 million 

Canadians (translates to over 30 million Americans) is this: one needle 

(attached to a tube) allows the dirty blood out, then passes through the 

machine (with kidney filter), then back...(cleansed of toxins that build up 

between therapies in the case of "kidney failure") through a second tube 

to be returned into the bloodstream. This 3x a week treatment is 

sustaining me and all the millions of dialysis patients, keeping us alive!  

Precarious maybe, but it's the best chance we all have to stay alive 

while awaiting our second chance at a "normal life"...which is a kidney 



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