Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hitting TV with great interview

Late in December 2014, I was interviewed on "LIT Happens" by literary darling Wes Funk. Wes is the notorious author of "Dead Rock Stars", "Cherry Blossoms" and "Baggage".

Here is the interview:

This was a great exercise, and a warm-up for all the TV interviews to come. Max TV is next on the list. I think of this first interview as a social experiment, and a very helpful way for me to learn to relax behind the TV camera.


  1. Thsuper Thstar!

    How exciting more interviews! Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things. No worries Michael you are an absolute natural in front of the camera! Trick is, is to hide you nervousness. It normal always to be nervous, it's a good thing, and keeps you humble. You stop being nervous...chuck it in!

    Love ya buddy! Cat snog and a hug.

    1. Thank you +Catherine Meyers.

      I actually enjoy that stuff, it's an interesting diversion.

      Next time I will have a better handle on some of the trickier questions.

      Still on a very steep learning curve, which of course keeps the synapses snapping. Keeps things...interesting.

      Thanks for the <3, Cat.