Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taking the Leap with FriesenPress!

Last week I decided for sure, after scouring the planet for the best fit, to "take the leap" with FriesenPress.

This fine group of humans inspire confidence at FriesenPress, a great Canadian company.
Not surprisingly, I decided on the great Canadian company FriesenPress to take in my manuscript into its very capable hands. Already, after the first two points of contact with the staff there, I am impressed with their professionalism, friendliness and courtesy. They are sticking meticulously to their claims, which means everything to me.

Whilst juggling countless moving objects, they all remain in the air...

Thanks to all of the love and support of about 40 "Contributors" toward the production, editing, formatting and finally publishing and global marketing of Book 1 of the "Dancing with Rejection" trilogy, I have now bit the proverbial bullet to charge ahead!

Obtaining early Copy Proofs, a valuable asset.

Now that we have "Copy Proofs" to point at, the last editorial sweep will be simplified.
One of the pressing questions my publishing consultant asked me during our tele-conference was to provide a  "synopsis"

I had written a one-sentence version that reads, "A romping,adventure story that goes from Near Death Experience to altered perception of the world's beauty and its magnificently flawed cast of characters." 

After complimenting me on that sentence, she urged me to continue.  

In brief, this is what I came up with... "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginner's Guide to Immortality"...gritty medical drama meets paranormal thriller, meets cosmic joy ride, meets erotic romance..."

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